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Antenna Sites for Communications.

If your company needs antenna space, Tower Sites Inc. has many prime locations to fit your needs. If you need coverage in an area not already serviced by our existing facilities, please let us know what your needs are, we are continuing to expand our choice selection of available sites.

A major advantage that Tower Sites Inc. has over other communication site owners is that we are not just a specialized real estate company.  Many of Tower Sites Inc.'s personnel are qualified tower crew with strong backgrounds in tower construction, maintenance and RF compatability issues.  We also have in-house electrical engineering and radio propagation expertise.

This means that we have the necessary experience to manage our own and our client's sites far more effectively than a 'real estate company'.

Above all else we strive to ensure personalized, knowledgeable service to our site tenants.

We can provide installation services, as well as antenna and transmission line testing/sweeps, system engineering, and microwave link design and implementation.

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